I knew he would. It was a great time and we talked about a lot of good times that we had been through and some not so good. But on that day, Rob beat Dave. So if you have no triceps, in this workout you're going to train tris. In his first meet he did not know what lift was first. There was a bench meet in Lumberton, NC that offered $8,000. and at the time, you only got up to 100 lbs. I know they tried to kill me, but I am still in good enough shape to be their pallbearer, you assholes. KP was always on. If you take the first gear out of a Mack truck, how fast will it take off? At that point, Dave tapped out. It was not easy to beat Dave, but Rob came through for Westside. People confuse this and forget the squat part, which causes major issues. rollin' and rollin' and doesn't look like he's stopping though too. In just four meets he made the fourth highest total ever made. Build your shoulders. After getting a reload, it had taken too much out of him, and Waterman won, again. Vlad met his first goals at a meet in Columbus, Ohio, making an 1100-pound squat and an 805 deadlift. Westside had begun an 18-month experiment with using chains for AC. Jr. Email Curtis Dennis Jr: Chuckie is getting close to the 2500 barrier when he did 2245 total. So while I lay in the hospital bed, I read all the books I could from the Soviet Union (they were miles ahead of us). Matt Wenning talks Chuck Vogelpohl!Want to know the specifics? What a day. I first started talking to my wife at Chuck's 40th birthday party. And next weekend, we'll have five. Chuck Vogelpohl, a long-time Westside lifter who won his first National in 1987, was strong from the start, especially in the back and hips, but he had to overcome two plateaus. All Rights Reserved. George said he wanted to lose weight and go down to a lighter class. strength athlete who drops dead . and broke the total record with at 2234! This surname is most frequently occurring in The United States, where it is borne by 890 people, or 1 in 407,257. Congrats, Jesse!! was Gunter Schlierkamp (who I think got shafted at this years Olympia). The goal with any controlled drop is for the bar to have a vertical path. It started to happen. Here's a great rowing variation to use if barbell rows are too tricky for your cranky lower back. It's too easy. George said a great monument in his past was watching KP at John Inzers bench meet. Our guys had always had it out for Waterman, after he had become the first 181 to bench 600 lbs., and said he not only was the greatest bencher, but also the best looking. Why do you think Chuck Vogelpohl would go so insane when lifting? After thinking very deeply for a long time, Jonathan realized there are no limits if you believe fully in yourself and if you dont worry about what others think. The internet has done wonders for "The Myth of Chuck Vogelpohl". Essentially, grabbing the bar was a way to start shit. He said that the rack pulls taught him how to strain against heavy weights. Chuck was one of the strongest men I ever trained with. power lifting is starting to become a success as lifters from all around the Other than that it's all box squats. As George opened up with 633 and went on to bench 678 to cap off a three world-record rampage, Dave said to the author, I got some competition now. Yes, Dave, you certainly do. George knew he had to build a lockout like Kennys. That's how we don't overtrain everything is governed by your maximum strength. It's not the exercises, sets, or reps. For other possible spellings of this surname click here. In York, PA, at the IPA World Cup, Rob was lifting against Dave Barno, a strong competitor and friend. This really raised the tension. Their sets kept going up, and Chuck started to look tired. July 2021. Tommy Fannon's Outlaws board is discussing it here and here. On the other hand, when I got AJ Roberts he already had a 2400 total. I need to be challenged. All Rights Reserved. If you want to learn all about who built Westside, look for the next edition. The ones that hate to lose are the ones you should fucking be the most afraid of.. On the next ME day, he chose to do close grip. If you begin dropping it too early, it will once again roll away with you and mess with your mechanics. But, in his last meet with Westside, in York, PA, he said he would beat my 722 lb. If you have no glutes, you'll do reverse hypers or walk in the belt squat. In three years it was 2855, and his best was 2930. Only our top benchers were allowed to go to Tims to bench, the rest had to stay at Westside and suffer. The Vogelpohl surname is derived from the German words Vogel, meaning 'bird', and Pool, meaning 'pond', or 'pool'. to beat me. Jonathan said in amazement, How did you do that?, The elder seagull named Chang answered, Perfect speed is being there.. A deadlift is nothing more than a Romanian deadlift (RDL) until the bar passes the knees, at which point you squat. We were the only gym with three 600 lb. He knew the gym was for trying new and improved ways to train, and we had the guys that could do just that. He managed to break the squat record twice, broke the bench record three times Among the This was a setback, to say the least. July 2021 8. It also builds cardiovascular and muscular endurance at the same time. Arnold Coleman was just starting and later became the world record holder in the squat and total at 181. If you use just one exercise you'll eventually master it and won't improve. Many consider him to be the most intense powerlifter in the history of the sport and Vogelpohl was without a doubt the . In 93, I wrote an article in Powerlifting USA, entitled Three of a Kind. He had to retire early due to personal obligations and Ryan went on to become one of the greatestif not the greatestbench presser of all time breaking all-time world records and ending with a mind-blowing 1075. And when you look at what Chuck has been through and done in this sport, then you will understand what a true expert is. An army is only as strong as its weakest soldier. I guess this is what George said is why he did not come to Westside for 2 years. He could squat the same in sweatpants and the power suit available at the time. One of the things theyd do with dynamic work is grab the bar as soon as the other person lets go of it a signal that meant, Youre taking too long. That wouldve pissed off the person who just finished the lift. While in high school, Chuck crossed paths with the Louie Simmons of world-famous Westside Barbell based in Colombus, Ohio. Plus, Greg would wear 10-pound ankle weights on his waist to make benching more difficult. MORE OF CURTIS' POWERLIFTING ARTICLES. But, I told him, he must touch his chest, after all that is the hardest part of the lift for most. Hint: Try searching for a relative alive in 1940. With Doug Heath, George, KP, and Rob Fussner holding world record benches, we were the most dominant benchers the world had ever seen. His work is to make those qualities accessible to everyone. The Vogelpohl family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920. Even though he took second to Steve Goggins, it will only be a matter of time. I think he has a lot more for the deadlift and we'll The thoracic extensors stabilize the spine during squats and deadlifts. Log in or register to post comments. You must switch up the exercises to avoid the law of accommodation. Chuck Vogelpohl became his training partner and his understanding of the deadlift changed forever. You can't lift massive loads safely if the movement comes from the sacroiliac (SI) or lumbar spine instead of the hips. For the veterans among your Vogelpohl ancestors, military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and even physical descriptions. We called for an 820-pound deadlift on Fusdogs third attempt to force Dave into an 865-pound deadlift, but changed the third to a makeable 770 pounds. The box felt high, but it was the same 13-inch box he always used. The true experts and legends of strength sport got there from doing great things and toiling in the trenches for years. In truth, Chuck is far from the person that people think he is. First off, back in early 2002, Chuck Vogelpohl became the first man under 300 pounds to squat over a 1000 in competition so it was needless to say that more was expected out of him this time around. dumbbells and does 20 reps dead cold. Theyd go back and forth after each set until the other person gave up. Sign up for Patreon and get the exact programming Matt recommends for each modality. He was looked down upon from the elder seagulls for flying fast was not the job a seagull was intended to do. Meanwhile, he is kicking and punching me. Rob Fuzz dog Fusner came to Westside with zero experience in powerlifting. I have girls that squat 450 at 123 pounds and 132 pounds, and girls that squat 590 at 148 pounds. At that time, his squat was 1000 pounds. Look at it this way: Assuming you're not a contortionist, forgetting to squat down will exhaust your range of motion at the hips before the bar has touched down. We were at a local bench meet when I saw a jacked up guy lift without gear. Rob Fuzz dog Fusner broke the 308 world bench record giving Westside three bench world record holders at the same time. But after six months of no progress, he jumped on board and began to make great progress. He is known as the ninja, because of how he disappears and reappears all the time. Then Chuck nailed the next couple of box squats. The key to making someone run faster is jumping. He founded The Spot Athletics in 2011, which has grown into two, 20,000-square-foot private training facilities, where they train athletes from youth to pro, as well as general-population clients. I can shave 3-10ths of a second off someone's time in two months of training. In his last fight he broke his opponent's nose, jaw, and cheekbone and we don't do anything for arms other than one-arm dumbbell pressing. I feel very inspired by all of you who pursue strength and dont back down no matter the hardships. As an expert, he's become keenly aware of the single most important and under-coached aspect of the deadlift, which is how you set the bar down when doing reps or, as he likes to refer to it, the dead-lower. I now present to you The Iron Man; Chuck Vogelpohl. bodyweight. Clicking on selected countries will show mapping at a regional level, Rank: Name are ranked by incidence using the ordinal ranking method; the name that occurs the most is assigned a rank of 1; name that occur less frequently receive an incremented rank; if two or more name occur the same number of times they are assigned the same rank and successive rank is incremented by the total preceeding names, Ethnic group cannot necessarily be determined by geographic occurrence, Similar: Names listed in the "Similar" section are phonetically similar and may not have any relation to Vogelpohl, To find out more about this surname's family history, lookup records on FamilySearch, MyHeritage, FindMyPast and Ancestry. Try these accessory exercises to strengthen them. And, while he was holding the deadlift, after the down signal, he said in his witches voice, F you Louie Simmons. It was a great day for him and myself to see him make that lift, we will both remember that day forever. First George, then KP. Childress dominated his I thought, He knows how to strain, but I guess that is how he discovered to do so. I asked him why it took so long. That was Westside in the 90s. That's why pro teams seek me out; the system keeps them from overtraining. Week 2 they maxed out with Jake making 700-pound band and 460-pound weight that equaled 1160 at top. By signing up to the mailing list you will only receive emails specifically about name reference on Forebears and your information will not be distributed to 3rd parties. Like many, George was convinced that board pressing was the key to a big bench. The saying goes, If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Too much band tension hurt Georges peck, and also broke his best bench by 50 lbs. Let's just say I'm pretty sure. Chuck Vogelpohl became his training partner and his understanding of the deadlift changed forever. Illinois had the highest population of Vogelpohl families in 1880. After three meets, the conclusion was that the chains had a very positive effect on the concentric phase of the lift. Tue Jan 01, 2019. Then, a few weeks after KP made 728 to make him the greatest bencher of all time. But, George finally got it right. yet. That was a lot of moola so I called them to be sure they really had $8,000. (Editors note: Fred"Dr. Squat" Hatfield squatted 1014 at 245lbs at 45 years For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I almost died in 1991. Fate would have it that Chuck Vogelpohl was competing at a bench press contest held in a local YMCA when he met Simmons. He later broke World Records at three weight classes. Their sets kept going up, and Chuck started to look tired. The one thing that rang true to me as we reminisced on old times is that how much the internet has changed things. Frank was But nobody said anything about your lumbar spine. His best pull in a meet is 804 pounds and you don't pull over 800 pounds without picking up a few . Because of this, he had many tares. A short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family. It would be an honor to break Oleksandrs total record and put it on the wall at Westside forever. Steve Wilson, who was training with Matt and had an 815-pound deadlift, agreed that they both would give it a try using 225 to 275 pounds for two or three sets of deadlifts of 20 reps four times a week. It was low at 560 pounds for a 181-pounder. 19:36. benchers, wow it has come a long way. He then says, Youre right buddy. As long a gym isn't doing what we're doing, I know they have no chance to beat us. In The United States the share of the population with the last name increased 840 percent between 1880 and 2014. So for a 1000-pound squatter who does 12,000 pounds of squats in a workout, his reverse hypers alone would be 45,000 pounds! After a couple of sets, Dave thought, I have this motherfucker. He accomplished at world record with 782. bench press. Ryan used to respect Scot in the past. He is the man behind the JM Press. Ok, Scot Mendelson had his day at the bench attempting 782, which was easy McCoy did 515, but at 184 lbs. Paul was really a strong bencher. If anything when Ryan and Scot compete in March, it will be will close but if Kellum had a record-breaking day. rack pulls from just above the knee and a good box squat with 885 lbs. All photo's and images courtesy of Curtis Dennis and/or Rob was also very strong in all the powerlifts. And of course, Mark Bell and his Super Training gym. After accumulating 40 years of training knowledge, Westside has found most of the answers inside our walls, but many lifters and scientists have helped to solve our problems. His 1,180 lbs. He showed promise and started to train at Westside. On a speed-strength day for squat, you'd use 50-60 percent of your 1RM for 10 sets of 2 reps. Little did I know, I would return again for yet another 20 years, But, lets talk about the men who made Westside what it is today. The reason why is because Ryan And the two were almost even for years. But nothing happens. By doing wide box squats, he went on a record-breaking spree that ended up at 903 with a 680 deadlift, a 120-pound improvement in the deadlift. I asked him, What do you get out of lat pull downs? He said, Nothing, I just like to do them. I also asked him, What do you get out of those heavy pulls? He said they taught him how to strain. Thanks for making me push myself everyday. Since they didnt have the monolift, they used the power rack for dynamic day. E-mail me @ Neospartan August 18, 2007, 8:53pm #24 [quote]SkyzykS wrote: When you are a 350 lb. George could blow up anything of his chest, but could not lockout big weights. In nine months Matt made 700 pounds easy. The true experts and legends of strength sport got there from doing great things and toiling in the trenches for years. Phil Harrington first called Westside for help on his deadlift. I go right to the bench and do my set. This wouldn't count in a meet, it deprives you of 50% of the benefit of the lift, and at Westside, this would get you punched in the face. Now all anyone has to do is get online and tell everyone how awesome they are with 50,000 tweets per day and eventually people just believe them. The training methods below that have helped our lifters break plateaus may or may not help you go on to break new records, but it should open your mind about training.

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